Franklin Road Baptist Church
Thursday, January 20, 2022
“Christ is our Message….The Bible is Our Text”

Sunday morning service, streamed live

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2022 Sermons

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Sunday Morning Service  
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 2022.01.16  The Rescue  Galatians 1:4-5                       
 Pastor Circle Video Listen  Notes
 2022.01.09  Listen Up  Galatians, an overview                       
 Pastor Circle Video Listen  Notes
 2022.01.02  First Things  Galatians 1:3                                   
 Pastor Circle Video Listen  Notes
Sunday Evening Service      (Including Life Group notes)
Life Group Questions -  The Rescue
 Galatians 1:4-6        Notes
 2022.01.09  Ten Everyday Prayers                            Various passages from Acts          
 Pastor Circle Listen  Notes
Life Group Questions -  First Things
 Galatians 1:3        Notes